Monday, July 12, 2010

Women's Voices Quilt - Blocks 5 and 7

Today I'm sharing blocks 5 and 7 from my Women's Voices Quilt. Block 6 is in progress. Above each block is the description from the package - interesting history behind the names and origins of these blocks!

Block 5 - Crowned Cross

Quilts frequently echoed the religions of the Civil War era. The Crowned Cross was a popular block often used by church groups in quilts sent to the battlefield. Over 250,000 were stitched for the soldiers. They covered the wounded in army hospitals. If a soldier died, he was buried in his quilt.

Block #7 - Sherman's March / Lincoln's Platform / Monkey Wrench

This block was labeled "Lincoln's Platform" during his presidential campaign. It was also named after Sherman's March through the South during the Civil War. One could conclude it was a "union" block. This block was also known as "Monkey Wrench." It is interesting that one rarely comes across a reference to Sherman's March or Lincoln's Platform. Lavender or purple was first introduced in 1850 and became popular in Civil War quilts. It usually faded to shades of pink or brown. In 1825 manganese bronze was first used as a chemical dye. From this dye, khaki was introduced and became well used. The arrival of magenta was seen during this same era.

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  1. SO pretty! I can not wait to see the finished quilt. You have got me inspired to keep going on my Civil War BOM! :D


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