Friday, July 31, 2009

Long time no blog

I have a friend who blogs very regularly (hi Amber!), and I love reading her posts! I had intended to update my blog often this summer, but that hasn't happened. I'm also thinking about changing the blog somehow. I have been better about posting updates to Denny's Caring Bridge page, though. It's great that people can check there for updates so I don't have to repeat the whole story so often. And I really appreciate everyone's prayers and concern for Denny. I'm happy that I've had so much time to spend with him this summer. He really needs lots of care right now. Another bonus of my educational interpreting job!

Today, I'm posting pictures of a creepy crawly Michelle found and had to share with us. I like caterpillars, so I wasn't afraid to pick this guy up --- until he started moving! He was so muscular, not at all like a sweet, gentle caterpillar!! I did scream, but only once and not very loud (I think).

Also, I was desperately hot last week and this week, and one day I grabbed the wooden chop sticks in my sewing studio to see if I could get my hair off my neck without interrupting my creative flow too much. It worked, and I might do it again.