Saturday, February 27, 2010


Here's another of my absolute *FAVORITE* blogs to visit. Mary Corbett is extremely generous with her embroidery expertise, and her projects are very inspiring. How does she do it - find time to stitch and blog about it every day? If you haven't been there, and you love to embroider, you gotta go visit Mary!


Monday, February 22, 2010

TAST 2 begins next week!!!



Sharron Boggins, one of the world's best crazy quilters, is hosting Take A Stitch Tuesday #2. (Do I dare hope it's going to be an annual occurrance?) She began this wonderful exercise last year, and I joined, though I wasn't able to keep up. However, I did follow some of the stitchers as well as Sharron herself as she took a different stitch each week and pushed, pulled, and/or stretched it to do amazing things. This weekly, year-long exercise is truly an embroiderer's dream!

Bet you didn't know there were so many different stitches that you could use a different one every week for a year and then do it again with EVEN MORE stitches the next year!

I'll be posting my stitching here.

Want to sign up yourself? or just check it out? Here's Sharron's blog:

I couldn't copy the link (so I typed it, and am hoping I typed it correctly). If the link doesn't work, just go to If you go there on a Tuesday, you'll find the current stitch.

BTW, Sharron's previous blog is here: and you will find the most gorgeous, amazing cq there. Warning: get comfortable before you visit, and plan to spend hours and hours; there's so much to see!!

Happy stitching!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

david john was here

David John moved from Southern California back to Everett, Washington, in January, and he came here for a visit between homes.

Isn't he cute?

2009 MT State Fair Ribbons (a brag post)

Here's a very late update on my entries in the 2009 Montana State Fair (August).

All my ribbons and my "prize" - a 5 lb bag of sugar!

My favorite tea pot with cozy. I thought long and hard about parting with this one for 2 weeks! What if it got broken - or stolen?! 2nd place ribbon.

A pewter tea pot with cozy. I found this cute tea pot at a thrift store in WA and bought it for $4 to display my cozies in a shop where I was selling them.

My messenger bag. Simple. Functional. Lots o' pockets inside.
5th place ribbon.

Crocheted coasters. 3th place ribbon.

The Friendship quilt Amber King coordinated with many of my friends after my surgery. 5th place ribbon.

Pot holders and dish cloth (don't call it a dish RAG!)
1st place ribbon.

Red polka-dot apron with ric rack trims. I love this apron; I want to add a bib.
3rd place ribbon.

5 pin cushions displayed at the fair. I don't see my favorite one here, but it came back, so all's well. 1st place ribbon.

I hope to update more often, now that I have a laptop and Denny and I can be online at the same time!