Wednesday, August 5, 2009

green crochet in my kitchen

Here's my favorite kitchen set. Green pot holders and dish cloth.

The dish cloth has been used, but the pot holders are new. I put a white edging around the pot holders and entered them in the fair with a (new) dish cloth and 6 matching coasters.
I love that green. I think it's chartreuse.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Raining Again!

It rained on Friday, and it's raining again right now. But it's still 81 degrees at 7:30-ish!

Here's my current favorite kitchen set. It matches the walls in the kitchen and it's such a wonderful green. Made by me, of course. This morning I added a white trim to the pot holders and matching (round) coasters, and then took them all to the fair.

Doh! I almost missed entering my handiwork in the fair this year! And I've been thinking about this year since last year, gathering things.
I've been so distracted with Denny's saga that I completely forgot to look up the entry date. Instead, I focused on the opening date. Last night, I finally realized that, of course I couldn't just show up the first day of the fair with my things! So this morning, I called the department head and told her I was very disappointed with myself for missing the deadline, but if she still wanted me to do some kind of heirloom stitching demonstration, I would be happy to volunteer again.
She was so kind and gracious! She asked me what I was going to enter and then told me to come today between 12:00 and 3:00. (Judging would begin at 3:00.) So I made it just under the wire!! She didn't have to let me enter; the rules say: "no entries after 4:00 pm on Saturday." Last night I was sad to the point of distraction; today I'm elated! Yippee!!! :-D