Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saying Good-bye at Billings International Airport

The sun was bright! We're all squinting!
Den and DJ

Annie, Den, and Mom

When we drove away, we both agreed that we missed Mom and DJ already (and still do)!!!


Thursday, May 1 was our 25th wedding anniversary. That and our recent illnesses prompted a SURPRISE visit from my mom and our son DJ. Here's how it happened...

It was my last week at home before returning to work. My doorbell rang, but when I opened the door, nobody was there - but there were flowers, fruit and chocolate on the doorstep. A moment later, Debbie, Michelle, and Mia popped out from around the corner! They came in and we had a brief but lovely visit.

As they were leaving, we stopped to talk with the door open, and I saw DJ come around the corner - and I screamed!!! Then my mom came around the corner!!! I was busy hugging them and crying, thinking what a wonderful, amazing surprise this was. It's on the short list of the best days of my life.

They planned the surprise for two weeks and successfully kept it a secret! Mom had been asking me if I would be home that day in case she sent flowers, and sure enough, she brought flowers, wine and chocolate.

We visited for a while, then went to Denny's job to surprise him. Here we are outside his office.

We had our special anniversary meal at The Granery (a 5-star restaurant).
Here's Mom.

DJ taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Everyone say "cheese!"

They stayed for 5 days. I went back to work the day after they went home. What amazing timing! They didn't know when I was going back to work; I didn't know they were coming. I'm so happy it turned out the way it did! It will be one of my best memories ever.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Proverbs 31 Gathering - March 2008

Our last Proverbs 31 gathering was at Nadara's home. The next one is Sunday!

Jasmine's beautiful smile

Debbie and Jacob

Jazzy with Nadara's kid-sized tea set



Tasha with her precious babes

Tasha sharing fabrics

Deb and Nadara

La belle Michelle

Back to "Normal" - WHEW!

I forgot to post pictures of me AFTER my recovery in the previous post -- well, I'm really still recovering, but I'm very close to "normal" again. See for yourself...

Our Cute Apartment

I want to show you our cute apartment... I LOVE living here! Michelle, Debbie, and Marjorie are so close by, and I cherish being able to see these friends and their families throughout the week. They took such good care of me during my illness, too, and I knew I could count on them if I needed anything!


More apartment pics below...

Here are some pics of me during my recovery. I was tired and in pain all the time (and it shows). This was a GOOD DAY...

Sorry if the picture of my incision (previous post) was TMI!!

Back to the apartment...

BEDROOM (doubles as our office, too)



I'll take pictures of the living room and my studio very soon and post them. These rooms are FINALLY FINISHED!!