Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Garden Harvest

Michelle and I went to the community garden this morning to harvest a couple of rows of garlic with the garden director; he demonstrated how to get the plants out of the ground and worked along with us.

Rows are about 25-30 feet long, so we gathered quite a few plants! It rained very hard last night for about 10 minutes, so the ground was pretty wet this morning. Because there was so much mud on the garlic, we put the plants into low-sided crates (about 2' x 3') with lattice bottoms and rinsed them well, then put them out in the shade to dry.

These rows are in the Common Grounds part of the community garden, so they will go to the local food banks.

After that wonderful harvest, I weeded my row of white onions in the Common Grounds, which I had forgotten about. There were quite a lot of weeds to pull! I also care for a row of Chinese Cabbage, but about half of it has already been harvested, and there were no weeds (thankfully!)

Then it was time to check out my little plot (8' x 16'). I am a novice, so I planted waaaay too many plants, waaaaay too close together. But at least I'll have bountiful harvests throughout the summer! And plenty to share with my neighbors!

I did eat one medium-size string bean (the biggest one I saw) while I was harvesting other plants, and it was DELISH!!

Look what came out of my garden today! I was able to share some of this with Darlene, my kind next door neighbor, and with Michelle, who does so much for me.


beets and baby carrots
(Denny and I sampled a couple of carrots as soon as I got home! YUM!)

yellow squash (5!)

oak leaf lettuce - so tender and sweet!


  1. Annie,

    How thrilling!!!!! It makes me so happy to see your harvest. Isn't it a great feeling to know that you are on your way to being able to grow your own healthy tasty food. Thanks for including the pictures. Do you have the sunflowers in your garden?



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