Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Redwork stuff

I have been collecting Redwork patterns for about a year now.

I keep a jar of vinegar and water on my shelf and put handfuls of floss in it at a time. I don't take the wrappers off while the floss soaks so the skeins don't tangle when I take them out. Recipe: 8 oz water plus 1 Tbsp vinegar. Soak floss for 8 hours or longer. Then rinse with cold water till it doesn't smell like vinegar, and drip dry. My favorite red is DMC #304.

Here is some floss, washed and dried, ready to go. Also some red buttons, in my vintage enamal pan with red stripe. Surrounded by glass jars holding dog biscuits and buttons, and pictures of my son, age 5 or 6 (that was about 12 years ago) on the French bulletin board behind the shelf.

I keep my Redwork info and patterns on the CQ and Embroidery shelf. Everything goes into the notebook asap so I can find it when I want it! I do try to read all the info before I put it in the notebook, so I know what's in there.

...and some copyright-free patterns I printed from the internet yesterday, on my desk, waiting to be filed in the Redwork notebook. I got these flower and alphabet patterns here:

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