Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Calligraphy Pens and Hand Made Cards

Here is all my calligraphy pariphernalia and my hand made cards. Part of my ongoing project called "Clean Up the Studio So You Can Find What You Need." These things were already in order, but now they're documented, too!

All my nibs (on my closed laptop)

Calligraphy stuff back in the box and the box on the shelf.

Many of my hand made cards are here, in a cabinet in my studio. I keep them in recycled tissue boxes and file by subject (wedding, baby, some all-occasion cards, too) so I can find an appropriate card quickly when I need it.

I keep my favorite dip pen, some black ink, and quite a few cards in a basket I can take to another room. It's handy, portable, useful, and decorative. I usually have what I need in this basket. There are also some other pens, in case I feel like writing with them, but only pens I really like!

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