Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Other Projects

Here are some other projects that I haven't posted yet.

Quilt for Allyson Robertus (the 4th grade teacher whose class I interpreted in last year). It's about 70" x 70". This is also a picture of my "design wall" - 2 hangers on a closet! Necessity really IS the mother of invention! I can hang my white flannel and "audition" blocks here. The center block is a Little Red School House (blue for Allyson!) with star points around it. Flying Geese blocks in the corners.

I traced all the kids' hands (and the adult aids) with their names in the yellow border, and I'll include all their first and last names on the label on the back.

I liked this design so much, I decided to do one for me, too. My Little Red School House is RED, of course.

My favorite pin cushion. About 6 inches across. Mandi arranged the pins for me - more fleurs!

Detail of the embroidered fleurs.

I read an article about these yo-yo pin cushions, and had to try it!

Pot holders / handle mitts for my cast iron skillets - I LOVE these!

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