Sunday, February 11, 2007

New business!

I've got a deal with the neighborhood restaurant to make these pillows - a brainchild of one of the owners. My plan (Julie's idea) was to go there and stitch one day a week... have lunch, then SEW SOME SEEDS (for business) as well as some SEAMS! Well, the owner saw me stitching and asked if I could make pillows for her niece's three children, who call her "Auntie Pillows." While we talked, she thought about registering the name and selling them in the restaurant! So I'll be madly sewing pillows for a while! I'm very excited about this!

The center section is hand-embroidered, and I purposely chose a simple quilt block pattern for the outer portion to cut down the time it takes to complete each pillow since the embroidery takes so long. I'll be changing the design a little for the store owner's three pillows. She requested that I make each pillow with the kids' names on them so they say:

Auntie Pillows

This particular pillow will be for display in the store, with a sign that says customers can order pillows in their own colors.

I'm hoping I can sell other items through her shop as well - pin cushions, small quilts, tea pot cozies and napkins, soap, greeting cards...

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  1. Annie,

    This is fabulous! You are really doing it. This is a beautiful site.

    To let you know, I have already put the free emboidery pattern site on my favorites.And I am ready to organize my sewing room.



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